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Can pregnant women eat honey?

The answer is yes, pregnant women can eat honey, and eating honey has better efficacy, good for the skin and fetus.
02 Suggested that women choose honey, preferably from summer flowers or spring flowers, so that the first batch of pollen, its pollution is less, and the quality of pollen is high, the natural quality of honey produced is better.
03. If a pregnant woman has constipation, it is recommended that you choose to drink honey to improve it. Of course, if you have anemia, you can choose jujube honey to improve.
Pregnant women remember that when eating honey, it is not recommended that you add honey every time you drink water, so that excessive consumption is not good, it is better to keep enough intake in one day. As for the amount of intake, it is recommended that you consult a doctor after checking your body.
05. Pregnant women can use honey not only for drinking, but also for facial application to improve skin problems. Remember, when you're pregnant, using honey to improve your skin will have a better and more direct effect than when you're finished.