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Graph links & Copying / Pasting Graphs

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Post on 2-9-2017 17:09:44 | All posts |Read mode
What I currently have;
So currently on the sheet named ‘Title Page’, you have 3 buttons with 3 macros linked to each. Button one being 'New EX Tracker Sheet' linked to macro 'New_EX_Sheet', then 'New DL Tracker Sheet' linked to macro 'New_DL_Sheet' and finally 'New DIP Tracker Sheet' linked to macro 'New_DIP_Sheet'.
When you click on 'New Ex Tracker Sheet' the macro 'New_EX_Sheet' is run. This macro copies the table labelled Excavator Targets and its 3 adjacent graphs found on Sheet 1. It then returns to the EX Tracker page and inserts then above the existing tables and graphs, feel free to try this for each of them to gain a better idea of what’s going on.
From there someone on my team will then go to this new Table and update the information; such as bucket type, arrival date, target dates and etc... The issue that then occurs is that the adjacent graphs to this newly inserted table are still linked to the original table found below it. So the data entered is not reflected in the adjacent graphs. Thus, we end up with every graph on this sheet being linked to the one original table.
My short term solution to this can be found on the spreadsheet named 'Formatting' where the correct links to the data for each of the graphs can be found. Each time a new sheet is entered each graph must have these links copied and pasted into them to link them to the correct table (adjacent table). From then on it is fine and works fine and dandy; however, this does need to be done each time a new sheet is added via the macro’s I have written. This is however, proving very ineffective as many of the people using this spreadsheet have limited knowledge of excel and do not manage this correctly and simply end up corrupting the graphs.

The Aim;
What I am hoping to do, is find a means of having of having the newly inserted graphs update its links when its copied from 'Sheet1' and inserted via the macro into its respective sheet, either 'EX Tracker', 'DL Tracker', and 'DIP Tracker'. These are the sheets my team will work out of.
To achieve this I am unsure if I could change the formula's used to link the graphs to its data, or if a macro to edit the newly inserted graphs formulas could be written simulating the process I do now cutting pasting them from the 'Formatting' sheet, however, removing the high chance of human error. I have tried both of these and failed miserably with my limited skills in excel.
Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated!

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